June 27th Update

Let me just apologize by saying that yes, I’m working on new posts. I have no excuse. Well, I have several, and they’re actually very interesting, so…

First off, it was my birthday earlier this month, which is relevant because I got Persona 5 for myself and have spent most of my time being a stylish Phantom Thief. I’ll put up my thoughts on it later, which is not going to be a proper review, seeing as we already know it’s one of the best games to come out this year.

I’ve been trying to finish up some short stories for submission despite some odd time constraints. Just a lot of things to do that gets in the way of writing and in the way of inspiration. When I reach for some concrete reason why I didn’t spend time I had a lot of I get a handful of guilt that feels a lot like the hangover from procrastination. Except I distinctly remember being exhausted at the time, or walking around with a mind full of other things to do, or just really needing to unwind. I mentioned having to do a lot to care for my chronically ill wife, but she is slowly recovering, and the work is more about mental caregiving than anything. My days feel a little like Persona, when the social links and the stat bonus days don’t ever come at the right time, and there’s always the pressing need to accomplish something by a certain date. Except in real life, things tend to be a lot more stressful.

My friend dropped off a kitten for us to catsit earlier this week and Skittles has introduced some challenges all on his own. I keep wondering if Zoe will eat him, but she is a big softy or a coward, I haven’t decided yet. Skittles keeps following her around, like he misses his mom. Also, small animals like to sleep on my tummy. This is a fact I sometimes forget, on account of lack of opportunity.

More later. Stay tuned!


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