Update Update: Indulgences.

So I am actually an author, despite the low output and disturbing lack of blog posts. This month is rather busy, but I thought I would put up an update for anybody following me here. You guys deserve to know I’m not just futzing around all day. My day job and my home life take up a lot of my time, but I do hope to post more often this year.

First things first: Expect one or two reviews for #ReadSelfPublished this month, where we read indie authors and review them so they get more exposure. Let’s be honest, I desperately need those myself, but I like to think reviews are like love: the more you give, the more you receive. Jump in here! Currently I am reading The Last Necromancer by C.J. Archer, and other than a distinctly green fairy look to the covers, it’s a bit like Gail Carriger so far. In the reviews department I am also in the middle of the Hack/Slash Omnibus, which will have to wait until I find the last two volumes on sale, and Station Eleven, which is frankly so beautiful I can’t endure more than a few minutes at a time without feeling my soul start to grow back. Thanks, Emily St. Mandel, you’re costing me a fortune in tissues. I also recently found an entire shelf of cut-price John Constantine, so I might do a limited review in a few weeks.

This month I am also preparing a couple of short stories for anthologies/contests. In Mechanical Love, a man is put on trial in a futuristic society for a questionable crime. In A Steampunk Christmas, a husband and wife enjoy the holidays with what few creature comforts they have, living in poverty in a steampunk cloudtop city. In One-Hit Wonder, the adult child of a musician who made it big long ago questions the value of his inheritance. All of this is work in progress, so more updates later.

In the novel department, the sequel to Future that Never Was is almost ready. Just need to brush it up a bit, polish the edges, and attach the flamethrowers. Also working on a cover for it with Hannah Gregory, who did the first cover. Check out her website, I just adore that Children of Men cover.

My sequel is a steampunk mystery featuring Detective Inspector Vanessa Hargreaves, called The Spectre of War. This will be a two-parter with the third book, Ghosts of the Lonely West. Big thanks to my tweeps for helping me with those titles. I hope this time I can get the ebook reading more smoothly- if you haven’t read Future and want to, definitely pick up the paperback. The rhythm is a bit better, formatted for curling up in a window seat rather than jostling on a subway. Incidentally I make exactly the same on the ebook vs the paperback, so it’s no difference to me.

Also want to extend a big shout-out to everybody on #2bitTues and #1lineWed, it’s a great hashtag for showcasing and working on WIPs. If you haven’t checked it out, you should, there are lots of wonderful authors all working very hard, producing some fine gems.

Update: Almost forgot. My Raygun Gothic novel has become a trilogy: a Raygun Noir, a Raygun Gothic and a Raygun Western. Sort of anachronistic genre clashing in the best way. The protagonist is Stake Ryder, a hunter of rogue vampires in the stars. =)


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