Entitlements. A Rant.

12074664_1258617667531693_838841295615116372_nI hate this.
Let’s assume for a second you’re not born with a golden spoon in your mouth.
You have to go into tens of thousands of dollars of debt to even get a job, and hundreds of thousands for skilled work like medicine, law or engineering. Then you have to spend the majority of your working life paying that off, while incurring the constantly increasing expense of housing, food, transport, and more.
This is not even accounting for the fact that lots of people don’t even make it this far and succumb to the crushing debt, or were never given the opportunity of good schools or good job opportunities because of racism, or where they’re from, or any amount of prejudice. Just the cost of medical expenses can bankrupt a person with a single surgery- and there are lots of people who never recover. But what choice do you have when its your life on the line?
 And when you’re finally free of debt, assuming you had time to find a spouse and raise a family, you’re paying for your kids’ debts, or your house’s upkeep, and your body is too freaking old to do anything else.
Now consider that these circumstances are all made possible by the generations who came before you, who created toxic real estate bubbles, pollution-addicted industries and parasitic financial products. They decided it’s okay to charge 750$ a pill for medicine people need to live. They decided hey, if people are making a profit its okay to take it from people who don’t have a say about how much it costs to sue a company when it decides to step all over someone. They decided its all right for persons in power to cherrypick from a desperate pile of humanity, who all have the potential for so much more.
I would say the world owes us tremendously. More than it could ever pay. And to stop us from noticing, it’s tremendously helpful to borrow the the ethics of the affluent 1950’s.  WORK HARD. GET A JOB. YOULL DO OKAY. Well guess what? Ask the people who worked the hardest and gave the most. They’re lying on street corners in every city.

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