Update: Future that Never Was!


So a quick update on the novel, thoughts on indie publishing, a rough street date and recap of the cover creation process.

I was a little hesitant to invest in cover art, but the conversation with my eventual cover artist @hansthemighty was an experience I think all writers ought to have. She was already a fan of steampunk, but her enthusiasm and organization skills really made me look at my work in a different light. My confidence was bolstered in a way beta readers don’t usually do you for. This is one of the benefits of indie publishing I did not foresee, getting to work directly with other professionals. If the artist is inspired to create art because of your work, then others will be too, and in my book your job as a writer is done.

Part of the experience was my vigorous selection process, by which I mean tossing my first chapter out there and seeing who it stuck to. I had a few likely candidates, but balancing budget concerns with a style that fit with the book was a difficult process. I was aiming for pulpy, comic, dynamic, nothing vague or abstract. I wanted to excite people about reading a book that should be fun and adventure-driven, but with a solid backbone of important themes.  Here’s what we came up with:

Sketch_and_title I was really happy with both versions, but I thought the one on the left fit the style of the book best. You’re going on a ride with my pirate protagonist!

If this has excited you about the book, please follow me @VoxVorago or continue reading my blog!



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