Claudio’s in Greenport

Sort of nautical Americana, very port town. Bit of a bar in the far back there. Interesting fact: the ladies room here is closer to the dining area, and the men’s room is right next to the bar. Very considerate! Also a bit old-fashioned, but its an old restaurant.

Belated review, but the place has been there twenty years, I don’t think it really needs one…here’s some decor. Photo credit: my beautiful gf, CD.

Not many vegetarian options, but the truffle fries blew us away. It’s like having baked potatoes inside a crispy chip coating, exploding with plentiful truffle pieces. French onion soup is very standard, which is hard to do as it is.
The Seafood Neptune. Big shrimps, maybe half a lobster, scallops, bit of spinach. It’s not traditional to do buerre blanc with pasta, but this dish is more seafood than pasta anyway. Everything was very fresh and cooked to a perfect doneness.
Bonus: some kind of moist, sweet nut bread from a local bakery. The waitress kindly got some more for us when we mentioned it, but I couldn’t tease the name of the bakery from them. Shouldn’t be hard, there’s like two in Greenport.

On an excellent recommendation, I decided to check out this historic Greenport seafood joint, on the assumption it would be classy, fresh and delicious. I was not wrong, but really I think I have to visit this place in the summer. There’s a clam bar right out on the water, sort of floating in the middle of the sound on a pier, and a bunch of other establishments with their name on it. It’s like all those towns you hear about built on one family’s empire, only given the level of culinary prowess, they kind of deserve it. Here’s some food porn.

The recipes are pretty simple, but simple is best for seafood in my opinion. Claudio’s features everything with no surprises, and it really showcases the wonderfully fresh ingredients. The only barrier to my full enjoyment was the city pricing, but its hard to begrudge the family for it. There’s decent service, generous portions and an elegant decor. The waterside view is a bit spoiled by a parking lot and a pier, but beautiful nonetheless. Also, the little cul-de-sac they’re in seems to pull in and confuse motorists, so there’s a lovely view of all the classic automobiles of Long Island with confused drivers pulling showfloor U-ies.

Final assessment? I only had lunch, and then in the wrong season, but given their history as America’s oldest family-owned restaurant (proclaimed in a plaque, unconfirmed) Claudio’s is definitely a highlight in a seaside town vacation. Everything checks out, and the clientele are the relaxed island type. There’s convenient apartments and even a carousel for the kids, so its not a bad getaway spot, maybe two or three hours from the city.


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