Breakfast in Bed

The beauty of silence lies in snowfrosted trees viewed from a long avenue

Snow days are the greatest days. There’s nothing like waking up in that distinct quiet, pulling back the curtain and squinting through the fusion glare of a fresh blanket of solid precipitation. Let’s have brekkie in bed and stay inside the whole day!

Lemon Tea, OJ, Bread Pudding. Egg over easy, bacon and Japanese Berkshire sausages. This is actually my own plate, hers featured veggie bacon

It’s not quite Valentine’s day, but I had a rare opportunity: my day off intersected with my lady love’s. So I made her breakfast in bed. Turned out beds have this property of sucking one’s head under the blankets, so I used a crowbar to pry her out. Don’t worry, once she saw the spread she couldn’t thank me enough.

The Bread Pudding was a success, I think, so let’s go there.

Slapdash Bread Pudding (2 breakfast portions)

-About 1 cup fresh Panettone, roughly cubed. It’s an Italian cake, technically, but closer to a bread. You can duplicate this flavor by adding Madeira-soaked raisins, candied orange and vanilla to regular bread. I got mine on sale after the holidays, nicely packed. The pudding develops best with a stale, harder bread for better texture. Other options include muffins or cornbread, but not things like poppy seed rolls or anything too savory. Savory items work better with things like sausage or cheese, and no sugar.

-1 egg

-1/2 cup 2% milk. Regular milk would have more fat, for a richer custard, while cream might just put your significant other out for the count. Chef’s choice: Depends on the degree of the apology and how badly you screwed up, I’d say.

-1 tsp Sugar. (after tasting, 2 tsp Sugar would be ideal, but 1 gives you more wine taste. Your choice.)

-1 drop vanilla extract

-small pinch salt

Simple to do, just whisk together everything but the panettone into a custard base. Next, pack the panettone into some baking device. I happened to have some Food Network crock containers that work beautifully as serving vessels. I’d link it for you but these things are impossible to find, or my google-fu needs work. Souffle ramekins work great though, and everybody has a pie tin or small baking tray. A bread pan or muffin pan would give a lovely shape.

Now pour your custard into the containers. This recipe made two individual portions. You don’t have to fill it up, but halfway gives you a nice pudding layer with crunchy bread on top. Then bake for 15 min, at 350 or so. Poke into one to see if there’s liquid, but it’s nice gooey as well. Very forgiving recipe.

Should look like this. Add some vanilla ice cream for that extra pop, or caramel sauce, or dust with icing sugar. I’m partial to fresh fruit and creme anglais.Quickie chef trick: melt vanilla ice cream for instant creme anglais!



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