On Being Chinese

Today, I had a discussion because of this sentence:
“Honestly, I don’t want China to have advanced technologies. I don’t trust them because they’re corrupt and greedy.”

I understand for many, this may be the Sino equivalent of “It’s okay to be racist, I’m black.” As a Chinese person, and exposed to many different cultures, I don’t think its ok to discriminate. However, I do think we have to take a stand and say yes, China today has a culture of incompetence, greed, and corruption, and it’s not any fault of the people, but a fault of the government, the history, and the basis of today’s China.

Here in America, we enjoy many freedoms, and to follow with my previous analogy, the black man is free to pursue his rights as an American citizen. He may gather and protest, using his right to freedom of speech. As I have observed over these years, China is not above openly detaining and disappearing people, our own ethnic and cultural Chinese, who protest against the Chinese government. Companies can build condos that fall when it floods, even when public protest and examination reveals the foundation is unstable. The people are forced to pervert their ingenuity to escape horrific poverty, such as making soy sauce from human hair, crafting fake eggs, or making poisonous baby formula. There are many cases of faulty, dangerous products coming from China that are a direct result of corruption and lack of regulation, for example poisonous cough syrup that passed five countries before detection. Press censorship, internet censorship, and other forms of repression are the norm. According to the the Human Rights Watch, “China continues to be an authoritarian one-party state that imposes sharp curbs on freedom of expression, association, and religion; openly rejects judicial independence and press freedom; and arbitrarily restricts and suppresses human rights defenders and organizations, often through extra-judicial measures.”

Amnesty International claims “500,000 people are currently enduring punitive detention without charge or trial, and millions are unable to access the legal system to seek redress for their grievances.”
Is it so unusual, so racist and divisive, to recognize my fellow Chinese are being forced to commit horrific acts in order to escape this tyrannical rule? Our culture was ground to paste by Mao, and now it’s all but gone under authoritarian propaganda.  Is it deplorable to wish the nation of China failure in all things, so the people have a fighting chance to rebel and reform? Separate the nation of China from the Chinese people. Stop rewarding this tyrannical government with Olympics and international accord. Viva la revolution!


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