Couple of Lincolns

Here’s my question of the day: Since when did being politically correct trump being politic?
A long, long while ago, people would go to the tavern in their crazy colonial hats, still smelling of the darjeeling they dumped in the sea, and talk about politics. It wasn’t considered rude, it wasn’t considered distasteful, it was considered intelligent, progressive, and damn sexy. Benjamin Franklin was reputed to frequent French ladies of the evening, all evening long. Now, you put one opinionated speech or startling fact on Facebook, and all hell breaks loose- everyone tells you to shut the hell up and let them play their Marvel Avengers.

Consider this my two cents, then. We’ve got two candidates this year- one who has faced a tough job, who has proven in four years he can prevent America from turning into Thunderdome, who is beloved by even most Republicans for willing to listen to their ideas. The other is a criminal, plain and simple. We’ve got a man who blatantly hasn’t paid his fair share into our society, who wants to make it easier for others to commit fraud to us, and who could care less what happens to our veterans, our sick, or our poor. This man should not be allowed to run for president, he should be arrested and tried for tax evasion. You know Denis Leary’s satirical take on the American asshole? You wouldn’t let that guy be president, right? Oh wait, we have, that’s why we’re in this mess in the first place.

By becoming a society that doesn’t talk about politics at the bar, we’ve allowed douchebags like Romney to pull one over our eyes. Corporations wouldn’t dream of having the same rights, or selling us things we don’t need, or reserving socialism for themselves and leaving the rest of us to squabble over their pitiful leavings, if people could just talk about our leaders over a pint or two, without some ignorant, PC asshole complaining that it’s over his head. That’s how the founding fathers did it, and that’s what we as Americans should do.
That’s my two cents, folks.



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